i’m Happy again …

so lately..i’ve caught myself smiling when i’m alone, whenever I think about him..my heart smiles and it cant help but reflect in my face…i love this feeling, the feeling of being in love after a very long time… he replaced all my sadness and turned them into happiness…when he smiles, everything feels so complete..i’m so glad and lucky to have you in my life…i hope you’re gonna stay here for a very long time because my heart really loves you 

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"Babe, lets…"

  • Watch movies till we fall asleep
  • cook together 
  • make cheesy relationship videos to make others jealous
  • give each other piggy back rides 
  • play at the playground 
  • prank call people
  • introduce each others families
  • Embarrass each other in public  
  • Talk on the phone till we don’t know what we’re saying
  • treat each other like its our last day on Earth

Anonymous said: i love you so much will you be mine . i will take care of you and love you like i do now

haha I LOVE YOU too<3 

Anonymous said: oh ok :(

 n’aww *hugs*

Anonymous said: no i dont .. k ho :)

haha you do…i say it to you everytime ! ;)

Anonymous said: Do you want to go out with me pyari ;)

lool you know the answer pyare :P 

Anonymous said: i love you . Would you ever love me back. Even for few moments. Cuz i Can change that moment into more

ummm…thats really sweet of you anon :P but i dont know you :/